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Homemade Goldfish Pond...35 to 40 fish...
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Hi..Just wanted to say welcome to the website.I was
raised on this farm/homestead
where my wife and I live today..My father and mother
purchased this farm In
December 1960..I was born April 1960..This
homestead is pretty much all I know and
is Home..I have countless memories from my childhood
here roaming about the
woods/forest and fields. We were hunters and
gardening was a must every spring
and fall. We grew a lot of what we ate as a child.I
remember harvesting
chickens/turkey from the yard. Gathered eggs every
day(still do). Butchering hogs
every fall and salt curing the meat. MMMM Good
homemade sausages. Gardens
were big..I would say at least 3 acres.
Squash,Pepper Hot and
Bell,Spices,Pears,Plums Blackberries,Pecans,Walnuts
Hickory Nuts. I loved
fishing/hunting. On Saturday when chores were done It
would be fishing or hunting
most of the day. We had all kinds of hunting dogs. We
raised our own puppies(Bird
dogs: Pointer,Setter,Brittney Spaniel.)(Rabbit Hound:
Beagles)(Coon Hounds/
Squirrel dog: Treeing Walker and Red Bone) and
trained them to hunt. My wife and I
are still carrying on a lot of these family traditions. Lots
of canning and
gardening..Lots of cooking from scratch (from the
homestead).I learned a lot from
my MOM and DAD. Everything I know is credited to
them. My exposure to this life
style as a child with loving parents like I had has helped
me in every area of my
life..I really miss them too. Life on the homestead is a
lot of fun/work..This is the
Good Life..We raise and sell Tennessee Fainting
Goats. We also have a cross..1/2
Fainting...1/4 Boer..1/4 Kiko. We raise laying hens.
Peacocks. We have puppies from
time to time. Thanks for stopping by..