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Hi,We are a small hobby farm located in the central part of South
Carolina.We have several small breeds of dogs and have puppies for
sale from time to time.The breeds are:Yorkshire Terriers,and small
Chihuahuas.Check out the available page if you are interested in
purchasing a pup.We also raise Tennessee Fainting Goats..Peacocks
and Pheasent..Take A Look...Thanks for looking! Stop by again.
Go to the puppies available page to see our lastest  pets.
To email click here  or call 803-428-3275
We raise Full Pure Bred and Designer crosses(Hybrids)puppies....Here's a little info. on designer(Hybrid)crossed
puppies.These puppies are a cross between two full blooded(Registered)parents of different breeds.Some people tend to
shy away when they see a designer cross but what they do not understand is that designer crosses get the best of both
parents.All dogs came from the wolf in the begining,so there has been some(alot) inbreeding in order to get the pure lines
that we have today.So by doing a designer cross between two different pure breeds (fresh genes to the geno pool.)you
should get a healthier puppy.Theres a long list of designer crosses.One of the oldest that comes to my mind is the
Cockapoo.All dogs came from wolves,think about it.
I have been getting this question alot lately..Which makes a better dog? Boy or Girl ? (MY OPINION)...Well there are a couple things to consider
about little boys and little girls..Little boys if not fixed(Neutered)will(not all but most)start marking their territory when they reach their natural
maturity and Mother Nature says its time..This usually starts somewhere around 6 to 12 months of age.Get the boy fixed(Neutered) as soon as
possible(4 to 6months)and this usually stops the marking before it ever starts.This works most of the time..I would guess around 99%.After
being fixed he will not have any interest in marking anything for the girls..This surgery is not as expensive as having a little girl Spayed. Now for
the little girls....They too have a problem 2 times a year.. They(most) have a 21 day Reproductive(Heat )cycle twice a year which equals to
42days..This also starts when Mother Nature says its time.Usually around 6 to 12 months.This also can be stopped by spaying your girl.My
conclusion is that ether male or female.It doesn't make a difference.One is just as loving as the other thats just the way God made them. Total
and non-conditional love..                              
Homemade Goldfish Pond...35 to 40 fish...
Attention:If you called and left a message and I haven't returned your call...Please Call again.Your
message was not clear or you didn't leave a return number..I do not have caller I.D. Thks.
Do these things and your puppy should have a long and happy life:Obedience training ,At-least do the basic(lots of
info. on the internet on this it your-self)this will help you to have some control over your dog and may
save its life.. Keep Vet. Appointments,Feed a good dry feed,Treat with table food occasionally(no bones),In my
opinion the same dog food every day would get old so give some table (human)food for a change/treat,Make sure
your puppy has plenty of exercise:whether daily walks or a romp in the (fenced)back yard,start them at a young
age to (retrieve)chase a tennis ball is a good way for them to get exercise.You can throw the ball while watching
T.V.if you want, they won't care.This will help keep them for getting over weight.Know where your puppy/dog is at
all time when they are outside..Its best to be on leash when outside unless they are in a fenced yard/area..Things
happen very fast.Give them plenty of love and discipline.In other words raise them like you would a child.These
things, if followed should ensure a long healthy life for your pooch..